Not sure exactly what the cloud is?

The cloud can actually change the way you do business.

Running your business with cloud-based software and services is full of benefits that extend beyond the of cost savings and the reduction of onsite hardware. The cloud can have a major impact on day-to-day operations.

Employee Mobility

When your employees can be just as productive outside the office as they are inside the walls of your building. work where ever they physically are, it impacts how well and how much they are able to work. That equals greater productivity. Greater productivity equals greater profitability.

With the cloud, employees have to access work data and tools from anywhere with any device. Increased mobility has also been linked to advantages like greater employee engagement, sharper competitive edge and overall better customer service.

In fact, 43 percent of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely according to a Gallop poll.*

Employees are pushing companies to break down the long-established structures and policies that traditionally have influenced their workdays.

*Gallop Poll “State of the American Workforce”, 2017

Reduced Hardware Costs

Since parts of your infrastructure are virtualized and hosted offsite by your cloud provider, you don’t need as much computer hardware and other equipment – freeing up space in your office and the time costs maintenance and upgrades.

Scalability for Future Growth

With virtualized resources like cloud services, you can easily scale up or down with ease because this process is now the responsibility of your cloud provider. We simply tell your provider that you need more or less of something, and they deliver – sometimes within hours or even minutes.

Cautions Using the Cloud Storage in Business

Private vs Public Cloud

Not every cloud setup is created equal. Not only does each cloud provider have their own nuances, but there are also different types of cloud computing platforms. Read up on the differences between private and public cloud to learn more about the various options available in cloud computing.

The Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution

Hundreds of cloud computing services now tout these benefits to small businesses. But relying on the cloud is riskier than you might expect. Read more about why the cloud can be an incomplete storage solution and why a hybrid of both onsite and cloud service might be better.

Before you start migrating some or all of your business to the cloud, let us give you all the pros and cons for each area of your business. You’ll be glad you had the expert advice.