Proactive: Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) provide an action list of how things will work in the event your normal business operations are disrupted. Reactive: Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs) takes place after that fact and outline how to respond in order to get to business as usual.

Most people think of hurricanes, floods, fire and power failures, but disasters can occur in your own office in the form of viruses, end-user error, malicious intent and server failure due to old/faulty equipment. Disasters come in all forms antd are more common that you think. They can have a major impact on your business, and so your critical data needs to be safeguarded. Business continuity enables you to recover entire systems and continue business as usual.

PCs and servers are the technological workhorses that your business relies on to operate. But there are also networks, servers, desktop and laptop computers and wireless devices. The ability to run both office productivity and enterprise software is also critical. A plan should be in place so technology can be restored in time to meet the needs of the business.

We work with our clients to ensure your business will have a back up and business continuity plan in place so technology can be restored and get back to business – staying in contact with clients and employees.

How can we help?

fast and easy IT backups

We make backing up easy and fast.

No matter what happens to your office, we have experience getting clients back up and running within minutes or hours. With the help of virtualization techniques, your data is easy to access and back up, even if your office is destroyed.

IT cloud storage and backups

We make the best use of the Cloud, on site and off site backups.

Some backups are saved in the cloud maintaining and protecting key business data at an affordable cost. But you don’t have Internet access, that can be a problem. We will find a solution for every scenario.

proactive IT backup monitoring

We offer proactive strategies to monitor and test backups.

Daily recovery tests and backup monitoring to ensure that every backup is performed correctly is always part of our planning. Data encryption can also be implemented so your data is not accessible to anyone.

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