IT Vendor Management Services

Vendor Management

Let us be your Single Point of Contact for Technology Services

Vendor relationships and meetings with outside suppliers can bog down a business. From Internet service providers, telephone services, copier provider, to cloud service providers, these technology vendors take up precious time from your employees trying to sell anything in their portfolio.

The vetting and bidding process, implementation of the product or service, maintenance, account managers and billing approvals can all be overwhelming – especially in the technology industry. Then, if it doesn’t work out, the process starts all over again. We manage these vendors so your employees can stop getting distracted, and concentrate on their jobs.

At Wright Business Technologies, we make it easy for you by getting a better price through leveraged purchasing power to save money for our clients, by selecting the best vendors and then monitoring their performance to be sure you’re getting the promised deliverables.

Best Negotiated Price

We not only strive to get you the best price, we can streamline the process for heightened efficiencies and managing vendor relationships to ensure that the agreements made are mutually beneficial for both parties.

Monitored Performance and Results

Because we can better understand the vendor’s technical language, you’ll always get the quality you deserve because we’ll be able to perform an objective assessment of deliverables. As part of our IT vendor management services, we’ll be able to help develop suppliers with specific and actionable feedback that encourage them to increase their quality and standards.

Faster Response

Since we typically have preferred access to many vendors, they respond to our requests quickly and more efficient.

Single Point of Contact

You will have a single advocate for your business who you can reach out to when problems occur without having to pull up contracts, contacts or program details.

I’m ready for a single point of contact. Let’s do this.