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We’re looking for talented people who love technology and love helping people. If that’s your career goal, we encourage you to apply.

At Wright Business Technologies, you’ll find we take our time in the interview and hiring process. We like to spend time with qualified applicants to ensure Wright’s a good fit for your long-term career goals.

Our Culture

“A culture of care, a legacy of service.”

We believe in taking care of our clients and our team members. We work in a fast paced, friendly and carefully curated team environment. Our team members enjoy –

  • Autonomy over their work
  • Ongoing training
  • Comprehensive Benefits
  • Flexibility
  • Growth

Employee Benefit Programs

Because employees are our most valued asset, we pride ourselves in providing a benefits package that allows our employees to thrive both at work and at home. Eligible employees at Wright Business Technologies are provided a wide range of benefits:

  • Competitive Medical, Dental and Vision
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Life and AD&D Insurance
  • 401(k) PTO, Paid Holidays & Leaves
  • Partially paid lunch hour
  • Work place flexibility
  • Wellness Programs
  • Performance Management
  • Recognition Programs
  • Company celebrations
  • Manager training to foster a productive and supportive environment
  • Employee education opportunities

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Open Positions

What it means to work at The Brightest & Best in Houston and the Nation!

To us, being the Best and Brightest means being better today than we were yesterday. We measure growth by improved knowledge. It doesn’t mean we’re perfect, it means we’re committed to the process and committed to encouraging each other along the way.

We believe in Financial Literacy.

Every year, we provide 2 half days off from work for our employees to meet with 401k plan specialists. Long term financial planning is an essential part of our team’s health and wellness. Our broker service helps our employees maximize their benefit plans by helping them understand their copays, insurance requirements, and any bills they may have received.

  1. In order to help our employees, create meaningful, measurable goals aligned with company goals, we’ve moved from having annual performance reviews to quarterly individualized goal setting. These one on one meetings provide a secure forum to openly communicate about our work environment.

  2. We agree that family comes first. We strongly encourage that work be completed at the end of each day and do not expect anyone to work outside of business hours. We do whatever we can to accommodate everyone’s individual needs by having flexible start/end times, providing the option to work from home to care for sick family members, and working together on achievable goal dates for projects.

  3. Our organization actively participates in donations to local charities/events, blood drives, collection drives for food and clothing banks, co-op programs with local schools, sponsorship of local youth teams, and are active on boards of local foundations or nonprofits.

  4. In order to accomplish our company goals, we have to clearly communicate our strategy and vision to our employees. Senior leadership communicates monthly via a newsletter, monthly status update meetings, memos, and mailed communication. We also hold 4 annual DIVE meetings, which stands for Dedication, Invigoration, Vision and Education. Each meeting focuses on one of these goals. We also welcome feedback through employee opinion surveys, round table discussions, town hall meetings, employee process improvement teams and a suggestion box.

  5. Acknowledging an employee’s hard work not only helps keep them engaged, but also motivates them to keep doing a great job. That’s why we have annual performance awards, process improvement awards, team-based awards, on-the-spot awards and length of service awards. We like to recognize employees who are doing a great job as much as we can.

  6. Every new employee participates in 40 hours of customer service and company training. In addition to the initial training, we have also partnered up with Lone Star College to offer our employees a grant program that allows them to go to school complimentary for professional certificates, classes, or a degree. We take care of books, fees, and any miscellaneous expenses for all successfully completed classes.

  7. First and foremost, we hire the best, most qualified and most talented individuals. We also believe that a diverse workplace builds our employer brand, increases creativity, allows employees to think more independently and encourages personal growth. We love learning new ideas, perspectives and connecting intellectually and personally to different people. This encourages employees to become more well-rounded and have a better sense of the working world. This can only happen if we have a diverse and accepting staff and management. Additionally, in support of our diverse staff, we include three days of paid time off in addition the traditional national holidays so that our employees can observe their own religious holidays.

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Lone Star College

Small Business of the Year Award, Finalist – 2016, 2017

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Houston Business Journal

Best Places to Work, Finalist 2016

Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in the Nation, Winner 2016

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Top 101 Brightest and Best Places to Work for in the U.S., 2016

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Houston’s Fast 100

Houston’s Fast 100 are companies based in Houston who have had fantastic growth in the past three years voted by The Houston Business Business Journal, 2017

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Winner of Distinction for quality and excellence in the workplace, 2016
A+ Rating 9 consecutive years by the Better Business Bureau ®

Houston's Best and Brightest Companies to Work for, Elite Winner

Elite Winner

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