steve wright founder and president of wright business technologies

Stephen Wright, Founder & President

Stephen Wright established Wright Business Technologies to help companies find technological solutions to business problems. With a degree in Business Management from Texas Tech University and an MBA from Texas Tech, he understands that a great information technology system only matters when it contributes to the bottom line.

With us, you not only have seasoned experts on staff and best-of-breed products at your fingertips, you have a team of committed problem solvers in your business arsenal.

Stephen Wright, Founder & President

What We Do

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We Solve Business Problems with Technology.

Wright Business Technologies leverages Information Technology (IT) to help businesses increase efficiencies, power growth and gain competitive advantage — all with an eye toward greater profitability.

We provide full IT outsourcing and management through a range of services that cover everything from day-to-day IT tasks to CIO level leadership and strategic planning.

Our strength lies in our unique combination of business and technology experience having lead startups and established organizations through the last 25 years of high-technology evolution.

From rapid growth, natural disasters, mergers and acquisitions to crash recovery, cyber attacks and hacking, we have helped companies across a diverse set of industries such as medical, financial services, professional services, religious and many others reach their greatest potential.

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We offer experienced, highly skilled IT professionals always working behind the scenes.

Wright Business Technologies has been a 24/7 and on-site managed IT services provider for over 25 years, providing IT department style services to small and mid-sized businesses throughout Houston, TX. We partner with you to become an extension of your business. We provide the assurance that a team of experienced, highly skilled IT professionals is always working ‘behind the scenes’ to keep your operations functioning as optimally as possible without affecting their daily business operations – even in times of disaster or emergencies.

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We evaluate people and processes with a focus on profitability, cost savings and greater productivity.

Wright Business Technologies’ IT consulting services and managed care services provider programs help businesses evaluate their people and processes with a focus on profitability, cost savings and greater productivity. We focus on proactive systems and processes that ensure business continuity and maximum uptime, meaning employees and their equipment work and work efficiently – data protected, e-mails working, computers functioning and back-up systems.

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We streamline tech decisions and cut through the clutter.

Because we offer monthly service packages, we become a partner in your business. We are not a break-fix service, but a long-term partner helping your business become more profitable through technology. Our Total Care Program is designed to provide you with the technical support you need when
you need it.

multi-location business it services

We specialize in multi-location businesses.

It’s one thing to have an in-house IT department that can quickly react to problems when employees are all under one roof. It’s quite another when those employees are spread out across town, across the country or working remotely or traveling. We specialize in the equipment and logistics of keeping ALL of your employees working efficiently and productively – no matter where they are
in the world.

Why It Works

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Reduced Overhead and Staff

By the time you add up the costs of recruiting, hiring, training, supplies, overhead, work space, taxes, insurance and HR – not to mention an annual salary, it is much more affordable to hire an outsourced IT company.

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A Single IT Person Can’t Manage All Users

If an IT department or person gets bogged down with user issues, they can’t spend time growing your business through technology or upgrading your systems. An outsourced IT company can do both or, at the very least, provide the tech support for users leaving higher paid IT professionals at a management level.

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Technology is Always Changing

We continuously research new innovations and won’t recommend anything until we know what is an actual proven technology. Since we monitor and test each innovation, we can continually improve our portfolio of technology services ready for any business.

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Employees Have Someone to Call

Between e-mail, personal devices, computer glitches, spam and hacking scares and complaints, there is a lot of time we could be saving your business. We take care of as many issues that you have quickly and efficiently – all at one affordable monthly charge.

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