5 Advantages of A Customer Self Service Portal (CSSP)

Why You Should Have A Customer Self Service Portal (CSSP)

We have become increasingly self-reliant and self-empowered thanks to a multitude of new innovative applications, artificial intelligence, as well as information and internet technologies available right from our smartphones and desktop computers.


Automated Experiences

Today, we can simultaneously price compare different products, chat with a person and a robot simultaneously, engage in an online business meeting and make a purchase with a simple click of a button. In other words, the act of consuming products, delivering services, and acquiring experiences have become automated, fast, and easy.

From business services to online communities, even purchasing a car, and managing airport parking, successful businesses are acquiring these innovative technologies and services --- such as Managed IT Services and using goods as props and services as the stage for engaging and serving customers and employees in an inherently personal way.

That kind of instant service and seamless transaction of goods, services, and experiences mark the debut of an insightful, new, and yet eminently practical approach for companies to serve, script, and stage desired outcomes that produce happy customers, and yes, employees --- along with unheard of productivity and growth.

Imagine What Your Business Would Be Like

The truth is timing is everything.

Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, said, "Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success."

While traditional service models are now considered "playing it safe," it is increasingly being tested, and the marketplace is choosing winners and losers. Just read Tesla reviews, and most buyers would not consider returning their Tesla car. They are happy with the brand and the service at your door.

In the business world, the vast majority of customers and employees seeking support for small issues or common questions find automated self-service portals as the preferred service method. Not only can an automated self-service portal serve more people in a shorter time, but it can also free up important customer service resources, such as customer service personnel or IT service, for more pressing problems and more challenging issues.

More importantly, customer service portals help empower customers and employees to solve their own problems quickly, efficiently, and without the frustration of being put on hold.

5 Key Advantages of Having A Customer Self Service Portal (CSSP)

1. A Customer Self Service Portal empowers the customer and employee.

What is a Customer Self Service Portal

Whether the person seeking support is a consumer with questions about a certain product or an employee struggling with technical issues, an automated CSSP can deliver useful information, answers, and solutions much faster.

Putting in a support ticket request, waiting for a dedicated support resource or staff to become available, then going through the lengthy and time-intensive process of describing and solving the problem can take a long time. Customers can reduce wait time and self-solve minor issues or answer essential questions with a well-designed CSSP.

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2. A Customer Self Service Portal frees up valuable service resources.

Customer Self-Service Portal - CSSP

According to IBM, Currently, in a 6-minute customer service call, 75 percent of that time is devoted to agents doing manual research, with valued customer interaction at a dismal 25 percent.

3. A Customer Self Service Portal can provide instant feedback and immediate results.

self service portals

Most people today expect instantaneous solutions to their issues. Automation can deliver a level of responsiveness that isn’t possible with human-powered support solutions.

An AI-driven chatbot or SEO-optimized FAQ page can help more people faster than a traditional call center.

4. A Customer Self-Service Portal can automate the process.

Enterprise IT Infrastructure - Managed IT Services

IBM said 85 percent of all customer interactions in 2020 were expected to be handled without a human agent. Automation is already here, and CSSPs play a crucial role in building a strong automated customer service experience. One undeniable strength of automated processes is the ‘always-on,’ 24-7 capabilities automated systems provide. Unlike human operators, computers don’t sleep.

5. A Customer Self Service Portal helps support resources and prioritize needs.

Digital Office - Remote Work

Automation is sometimes viewed exclusively through the lens of reducing costs. After all, the more tasks that can be automated, the fewer dedicated human resources that need to be hired.

This is the wrong way to look at the benefits an automated Customer Self Service Portal can provide. Automation does indeed have the potential to produce a direct reduction in staffing costs.

However, the true power of a Customer Self Service Portal is its ability to free up dedicated human resources for higher-order tasks.

In other words, automation can help carry a load of low-level requests, allowing your business to redirect and focus your dedicated support staff towards solving complex and far-reaching challenges that can take your customer support to the next level.

5 Characteristics of A State-of-The-Art Customer
Self-Service Portal Experience

The advantages provided by customer service portals are undeniable.

An intelligently-designed and thoughtfully-implemented portal experience can take your customer service's responsiveness and effectiveness to the next level.

But what does a great customer self-service portal look like?

Following are 5 characteristics of a state-of-the-art portal experience:

  • A library and knowledge base of answers and solutions and instructional guides, videos, diagrams, and FAQs.
  • The ability to reset your password.
  • The ability to log not only service requests but also tracks the status of a request in real-time.
  • The ability to provide feedback, ratings, and tips for improvement.
  • A community forum or shared virtual space for employees or customers to share their collective knowledge and provide each other with useful tips and information.